te po tahuri atu (matariki) wrote in nz_in_the_world,
te po tahuri atu

The decolonisation of Tokelau

There's an interesting article in this week's listener that says Tokelauans aren't seeking the independence that the NZ government is forcing on them. I was a little surprised at first but it makes perfect sense; if Tokelau became an independent state it would have the second smallest population in the world (although the smallest, the Vatican, isn't really comparable), and the third smallest land mass (after the Vatican and Monaco).
If you look at the list of UN listed colonies you'll see that NZ has the dubious distinction of being one of only four colonising powers. I don't know how this list was concocted since Tibet and many other 'colonies' aren't on it, but this list seems to have a lot more power than it deserves.
What do you think the NZ government should do about Tokelau?
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Thanks for posting this. I don't have time to read it all now, but it's an issue I'm not familiar with and I'll be getting onto it soon. I feel wuite shut off from current NZ issues because I'm overseas. Thanks again.
It's not an issue you would know much about if you were following the NZ media since it's barely discussed. The Listener article should bring you up to speed quickly and painlessly.
How did we get pwer over Tokelau in the first place?
The UK gave it to us. I don't know why. I guesss it was because we were closer.
If it ever belonged to Germany it would have been given to us as a mandate after the first world war. I haven't read the Listener article, I'd probably know how we got it if I had :(