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Aotearoa on the map.

Do we matter? Why?

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Discuss New Zealand's place in the world.
Please read the rules of this comunity before posting.

What do you feel about our place in international politics? How do you feel about our troops in Afghanistan? In Iraq? Do you support globalisation? What do we lead the world in? Is there anything that the world can learn from us? How do our race relations compare with the rest of the world? Immigration: what's your view? Terrorism: Are you more concerned about this or this? Clean and Green: Are we really? How do our environmental standards compare with the rest of the world? Is our secondary education adequate? Is our tertiary education good enough to compete against the rest of the world? What do you think the outsiders perspective of Aotearoa is? Why does Australia produce better (does not necessarily mean more popular) athletes and musicians than us? Are we important at all on the world stage?

Discussions need not only be about us. Feel free to express your views on other nations' issues. We can always learn from other countries. For example: France's policy on religious symbols: For or against?

Optional: When joining post a bit about yourself, including (but not limited to) world issues that interest you, your education (current or highest completed), other interests (be brief) and why you joined.

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  • This Community is intended for discussions which are relatively serious
  • Please refrain from profanity, crude language and derogatory terms
  • Please respect the opinions of other members of this community
  • I will not tolerate hateful comments about any individual or group (no, not even Al-Qaeda or George W. Bush)
  • I will not tolerate any post that incites hate
  • When providing a link to an external (outside of this community) site that may be disturbing or offensive to some, include a [WARNING: ( and reason)] in front
  • Place any and all images behind an LJ Cut
  • Keep posts relevant to New Zealand
  • Try not to simply state your opinions, but rather elaborate and explain. Include relevant references (when possible) when stating statistics etc.
  • Please use descriptive Subject lines in posts (on issues).
  • Only the moderator or administrator may post with text in shades of red. Introductions (posted after the 11th of May 2004) must be posted in a gray font.
  • Controversial topics are acceptable and encouraged, as long as the discussions follow the aforementioned rules.
  • This is a moderated group.
    1. Posting access and/or membership may be revoked if any of these rules are broken
    2. The rules may be modified at any time at the moderators' or maintainer's discretion