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Almost-Kiwi here

Hey, I'll be moving to Auckland with my family next December. I'm getting a BA in Ecology and Peace Studies and hope to continue with a MA in Environmental Studies in NZ.
There are several reasons we are moving to NZ from the US. We are unhappy with our government, we are afraid of Peak Oil, and we are worried about the coming water shortages caused by global warming. Please do not try to debate me on the accuracies of global warming; I've had my share of arguments this month. We are also concerned with the fact that our medical coverage is getting more and more expensive, and the retirement benefits in the US may not be enough.
Anyway, we found this wonderful cohousing ecovillage in Auckland called EarthSong, and the people there (and everywhere else in NZ, it seems) are very kind, real and community-oriented. This is a breath of fresh air from the each-man-for-himself attitude I've been struggling from all my life.
I can't wait to move to New Zealand; it seems like life there will be a lot better. But I'll try not to jinx it too much.
I just hope that other countries can follow New Zealand's example of better health care, compensation for abuse victims, shelter for runaways, well-educated law enforcement, human rights, etc.
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