Elsha (sixth_light) wrote in nz_in_the_world,


Kia ora koutou!
I'm a seventeen-almost-eighteen-year-old college student from Wellington, currently in the middle of my exams.

As a debater I have a keen interest in current affairs and joined this community because it looked like a good place to discuss them - most people with ljs are American, and they don't have quite the same view of the world. I am especially interested in international affairs and scientific issues, e.g. the war in Iraq and global warming.

Politically, I'm sort of non-decided. National are too conservative, the Greens are anti-GE, ACT are too right-wing, NZ First is NZ First, Labour is the Government, and United Future campaign against the Civil Unions bill. So someone is going to have to campaign very hard to get my vote next election.

As I mentioned, I'm just finishing my last year at school. I'm moving down to Christchurch next year to start a BA/BSc in microbiology and Russian at UC. In my spare time I fence, debate, write fanfic, and play the 'cello.

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