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Hi there, my name is Aaron and I live in Woodville, near Palmerston North.

I followed the U.S. Elections with interest and a strong desire to see Bush defeated and have started looking at various webcomics and webarticles that disscuss politics. However most have been form the point of view of the U.S.'s involvement in the World. I look forward to talking about what New Zealand's place is in all that.

I voted for Labour (party) and the Green's (Electorate) last election but have become quite dissapointed by the legalising of Prostitution. I can see the logic etc, but with a one year old daughter the prospect of her choosing that career (or having it suggested!) really worries me.

Other than politics, I enjoy loud, heavy and hard music, and am studying for a BA (Classics/English) and hope to become a teacher or an author.

I'm 22 and married.
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